A Wet Lunch Break

This is a preview of the exclusive MENatPLAY suit sex movie “A Wet Lunch Break” starring Damon Heart and Sir Peter. You can watch the full movie online or download it once you become a member! Get Instant Access Now
Releases Friday, December 3, 2021.

Boyfriends Damon Heart and Sir Peter try to often find time to meet at home for lunch. These lunch meetups provide a break from their demanding jobs and a chance to help lower each other’s stress levels with some quick sex.

On this hot, sticky day, Sir Peter is extra horny and feeling mischievous. He gets in the pool, suit on, to cool off. Soaking wet, he lays in the pool and plays with himself while he waits for Damon. But, Damon has already arrived and has been watching the muscular wet stud jerking off from afar.

Your half-suited-half-naked wet lover waiting for you and touching himself in the pool? Damon is up for a wet-play session! Two suited, wet MENatPLAY studs — this is the best (wet) lunch break ever!

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