Butler Service 3

This is a preview of the exclusive MENatPLAY tuxedo and suit sex movie “Butler Service 3” starring Cristian Sam and Javi Grey. You can watch the full movie online or download it once you become a member! Get Instant Access Now
Releases Friday, January 14, 2022.

Eccentric multi-millionaire Cristian Sam has a young butler, Javi Grey, always dressed in a tuxedo uniform. Young Javi Gray serves Cristian as a domestic worker. He is a true gentleman’s gentleman! Besides organizing and arranging the smooth running of the household, Javi regularly services his boss in true Menatplay fashion.

Watch as Javi gets on his knees and worships Cristian’s shoes, socks, and feet. Feeling submissive, Javi moans with ecstasy. A butler is meant to serve – and Javi has mastered this golden rule of butler etiquette. His boss has a big cock to blow and ride, and Jabi is always ready.

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