Focus, Editor’s Cut

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The perfect package – that is how handsome masculine dark-skinned Spaniard Hector De Silva can be described. With a sexy beard, piercing blue eyes, and a lean muscular body – he is just the type of man that was born to wear a suit.

In this Editor’s Cut of his solo performance, originally released in April 2016, we get to be the voyeur on Hector the businessman! Showering in the morning, dressing, and then getting turned on by the sexual energy the suit gives him. Hector jerks off for us; stroking his cock and showing the suit pants stretched over his firm ass. Desperately wanting to get a finger in his hole, he rips his trousers open over his butt for easy access. He remains fully suited while revealing his ass cheeks, fingering his hole, and then wanking his cock till he cums.

Focus and give your full attention to one of MenatPlay’s all-time favorite suited studs!

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