#MAPClassic “Back On Site”

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Top Favorite Classic Movie

The MENatPLAY Editor dug up the raw footage of the original 2014 movie, “Back On Site”, and compiled a new remastered Editor’s Cut as a special bonus to our loyal supporters!

Dan Broughton is back on the construction site, but this time he’s gotten rid of his work overalls and scrubbed up nice in order to hand in his notice.

But there’s one colleague in particular – Paul Wagner, who’s going to miss the playful banter he and Dan shared on-site; and possibly regret that he never took it a step further. With it possibly being the last chance they’ll probably get, Paul, turns up the flirt notch up a few levels. Especially with Dan being suited up and looking more handsome than ever.

Paul finds it hard to keep his hands off the young British lad, who clearly wants it just as badly. The two men are soon all over each other; kissing passionately and desperately ripping off their clothes. Paul gives Dan a proper farewell with a long, hard, and intense fucking; living out what he had fantasized a thousand times before!

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