#MAPClassic “Bad Cop”

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Top Favorite Classic Movie

Among MENatPLAY’s many award-winning movies, ‘Bad Copy’, originally released in 2014, ranks among the top favorites.

Bruno Boni is not in the mood for putting up with any bullshit; especially if you’re a hot-shot businessman. So when Denis Vega is arrested, Bruno shows him no pity and handcuffs him to a chair ready to show him who’s in charge now.

Denis turns out not to be as cooperative as he‘d expected, so Bruno resorts to forceful action in order to get him exactly where he wants. And, that’s on his knees begging for his leniency with Bruno‘s meaty, uncut cock deep down his throat.

Bruno gets his way with Denis‘ ass bent over his desk, and ready for a seriously hard pounding by the hard-handed investigator.

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