#MAPSpotlight “Manservant”

Play It at https://menatplay.com/updates/manservant.html
Download It at https://ondemand.menatplay.com/scenes/manservant_vids.html

Top Favorite MAP Movie

The stunning Flex gets played like a rich playboy’s toy, as the obliging servant of Hector de Silva. Handsome Spaniard Hector plays a wealthy businessman who likes to show off and conduct meetings in his hillside villa. When sexy young associate Xavi Duran notices the stunning new butler, half-naked after having a relax in the pool on his day off, the two tycoons decide to have a little fun. The subservient Flex knows his place and is happy to go down on his Master’s house guest. Hector is so turned on by the show he finds he needs servicing too. Before long both Flex and Hector are doing all they can to give Xavi a welcome he won’t forget; simultaneously sucking on his thick hard dick. With both businessmen primed and ready for some carnal action, they take turns to fuck, rim, and get sucked off by Flex as his stacked body kneels doggy style on the table just asking to be used.

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