Prenuptial, Editor’s Cut

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This is a Bonus Editor’s Cut of the original 2016 Movie “Prenuptial”.

Normally cool, calm and collected Hector de Silva is freaking out, as his wedding plans seem to be a total shambles. No caterers, no tables prepared, no nothing. Best man Aitor is on hand to calm his buddy’s nerves by opening a nice bottle of wine, which at least has been delivered on time. But with Hector unable to calm down, the two collide and red wine flies all over Hector, his white shirt and his wedding outfit ruined. Still eager to do anything to make Hector’s day go smoothly, Aitor offers to help him strip out of his stained clothes and valiantly offers his own clothes to Hector so that the wedding can go ahead and no-one will be the wiser. But stripping his friend at such intimate close proximity causes a quietly growing tension between the two men and seeing Hector’s naked body is too much for Aitor. Soon the two are so turned on that kisses turn to cock sucking and then Aitor gets pounded by Hector before Aitor has even had a chance to take off his clothes.

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