Private Collection

This is a preview of the exclusive MENatPLAY suit sex movie “Private Collection” starring Jonathan Miranda and Diego Reyes. You can watch the full movie online or download it once you become a member! Get Instant Access Now
Releases Friday, December 17, 2021.

Diego Reyes has been given the opportunity of showing his photography project in a small gallery. He is making sure everything is set up for the big event when Jonathan Miranda walks in. Jonathan works in advertising and looking for some inspiration before going back to the city the next day.

Diego sees this as a business opportunity he can not miss, so he presents Jonathan with his work. But Jonathan tells him his pieces are not risky enough and lack uniqueness and personality.

That’s when Diego tells him about his other special project. He took secret photographs of men he slept with during a trip to the United States. Jonathan seems curious and suggests Diego show him his private collection. But, before the two studs finish work, they are looking to have some fun and ready to play right there and now in a suited flip-flop fuck session!

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