Shine 2

Preview of the exclusive MENatPLAY shoe worship movie “Shine 2” featuring Dani Robles and Kay Tronx. Releases Friday, September 22, 2023.

Businessman Kay Tronx cums while riding Dani Robles and then licks Dani’s cum splashed all over one of the new shiny shoes!

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One thought on “Shine 2

  1. omg, Dani Robles has been shooting for years but none of his bottom scenes has been captured with that wide camera angle missionary position and he is never been bottomed in that gorgeous pilediver position, I really hope that Dani Robles will bottom in as the similar perfect filming setting, costumes(especially type of socks) and positions as the Shine 2 which are bright lighting and room wall color, camera angles, less sheered socks and the pilediver position. Also, I really hope that you may consider working with mrdeepvoice(twitter handle aka thomas) as bottom in the similar filming setting, positions and costumes.