The Boss and The Intern

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Releases Friday, August 20, 2021.

Gustavo Cruz’s 6-month intern contract is ending soon. When meeting with his boss, Emir Boscatto, to discuss his future with the company, he is quite nervous. Gustavo starts to relax after hearing Emir share that his colleagues speak well of him, especially Paul.

But when Gustavo hears his boss making comments about how fit and attractive Paul looks in his fitted suits, he starts trembling nervously. Hearing his boss talk like that, while unprofessional, is making him hot and horny. Emilio notices this and talks even more about Paul – and the things he would like to do to his sexy, hard-working employee.

At last, Emilio can’t ignore their immense boners, and without asking, grabs his intern’s bulge and gets to work on the big jaw-dropper inside.

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