In The Shadow

This is a preview of a Bonus Co-Production brought to you in conjunction with our friends at MASQULIN starring Tony D’Angelo and Rocky Vallarta called “In The Shadow”. You can watch the full video online or download it once you become a member! Get Instant Access Now. Releases Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

Private Chauffeur, Tony D’Angelo, has some time before his next service call and can’t shake the deep desire of being with a man. The muscular, suited stud makes his way to an underground private sex club with glory holes and hungry mouths to feed in the shadows of debauchery.

Tony carefully removes his shirt and jacket – he doesn’t want them wrinkled before returning to work. He sticks his cock inside a hole; where on the other side, a mouth awaits. As Tony gets sucked, the blindfolded Rocky Vallarta says he will do anything he says. The dominant Tony enjoys the acquiescent wet mouth – as his cock and balls get sucked. After cumming, he swells with even more desire and demands for more; pushing the subservient stud into a wall, and bending him over. Is Tony ready to further satisfy his deepest carnal desires?

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