‘Used’ Car Salesman

This is a preview of the exclusive MENatPLAY movie “Used Car Salesman. You can watch the full movie online or download it once you become a member! Get Instant Access Now
Releases Friday, September 17, 2021.

The job is simple – sell cars! Sales Director, Sir Peter, has had enough with salesman Diego Reyes, who has had no sales in three months. Furious at Diego, Sir Peter warns him that his time is limited unless he earns his trust, and as punishment, sends him to organize the messy garage.

The garage is filthy, with grease and oil on every surface, and Diego’s suit gets dirtied as he works. When Sir Peter goes to check in on Diego, he notices how grimy he is – and it turns him on. Unable to resist his urges any longer, Sir Peter uses his salesman’s mouth and ass with his big Portuguese cock. This dealer doesn’t sell used cars – but its executive does “use” its salesmen!

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